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Here are some Christmas cracker jokes from Mel and Leon to make you smile this January!

What did Tarzan sing at Christmas time?  jungle bells

What did the big Christmas candle say to the little candle ? I’m going out tonight

What do snowman wear on their heads ? ice caps

What  sweets do frogs like?  Lolly hops

Happy New year to you all. Love Kaye and kay

Have a wonderful Christmas
Hand have a good New Years
Mel and leon


Mel Newlands enjoyed the Canal Boat Trip on 14th October, despite the weather!

We all had a nice day today on the canal trip but it rained all day we did one lock  and I drove the boat we all enjoy the day and carol v and John little


Thanks from Kaye and Kay for the Hastings trip on Sat 29th September

Thank you for a lovely day. Thank you to the helpers for a lovely day. Love Kaye and Kay

Here’s a write-up of the Portsmouth trip from Mel Newlands

We went to Portsmouth for the day  we enjoyed so much the weather was nice we went on a boat trip around the harbour and looked at some ships and then we went to look around the HMS victory and then on to the Mary rose  then we got the mini bus home we all had a great day the weather was perfect

Mel and Leon


Thanks from Kaye and Kay for the Marwell Zoo trip on Sat 1st September

Thank you for a lovely day on Saturday we had good day. Me and Kay enjoyed going round with Sarah and Carol. Love Kaye and Kay

Here’s a summary of the (rather wet!) Penrose Fun Day on Sun 26th August from Mel Newlands

The Penrose fun day on the 26th August was very good the games were excellent and good fun the games were tower genga quiots air hockey and name the hound Then there prize games such as sky rockets, knock down ginger target golf sticky balls table tennis balls in tins then we had we did team games egg and spoon race dress up relay
We also had a photo booth we had a BBQ and prize giving then a disco every one enjoyed it and they were having fun even though it was raining everyone just enjoyed them selves

Read the latest about Mel and Leon’s summer holiday – visit their blog  here

Mel and Leon were two of the club members who helped out on The Penrose Club stall at the Staines-upon-Thames day on 1st July.

Leon and I went to the staines upon Thames day and helped on the Penrose stall which was called the human fruit machine were you won prizes also the mayor’s charity stall and other stalls it was a great day and we enjoyed it so much we would like to do it again and help Penrose again. We like helping out with the Penrose club because Penrose is a great club the helpers are great that’s why we enjoy going to the Penrose club
Mel and Leon


Here’s a recent post from Kaye Harris

I like coming to club on Tuesday I got friends there and I been to the club for a long time. I like halping my friend Kay Smith. Love. Kaye

Here’s a recent post from Mel Newlands

Leon and Mel Enjoy going to the Penrose club on a Tuesday night were we can talk to our friends and have fun, the helpers take up there time to run the club we do all sorts of things at the Penrose club such as commpertion games,stars in your eyes, music and drama we also have outtngs we used to have holidays we also have a members committee and we also vote for our committee chairman secretary.the members should a pershate the helpers if it wasn’t for the helpers there wouldn’t be a Penrose club we would be at home with no were to go on a Tuesday night.
By Mel and Leon